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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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Archive for June, 2012

IMAK Arthritis Gloves & Pill Bottle Review

These Imak Arthritis Gloves are the best compression gloves that I’ve tried! I have normal sized women’s hands that are on the smaller side. Due to this many compression gloves don’t provide much pressure, even in size small. These gloves fit perfectly though, providing just enough pressure to relieve pain, but not too much so [...]

Fibro Feelings – Spoonie Friends

What is Fibro Feelings? You may remember me telling you about my friend, Jane, a few years ago in my post, Having Positive Relationships. Last weekend I went to a send-off party for her and her husband. They’re moving again, but eventually they’ll return to the area. I’m sad to see them leave, but Jane’s [...]

Things aren’t Always what They Appear

A few months ago I read an article in Coastal Living magazine while on an airplane. The story itself was interesting, but I couldn’t help but think about the parallels into the life of someone living with fibromyalgia. The article was about a doctor of biomedical research, Dr. Gary Greenberg, who had invented 3-D HD [...]

Fibro Feelings – Insurance Woes

What is Fibro Feelings? I’ve spent hours of the past week dealing with my health insurance. I can only imagine the mess I might have been in had my husband and I not been diligent. It all started earlier this year when my husband switched jobs. At that point we started Cobra coverage. Of course, [...]