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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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Archive for October, 2010

Fibro Feelings – Flu Vaccine Reaction

What is Fibro Feelings? Last Tuesday I got a flu vaccine. I hadn’t gotten one in a few years, but this year my doctor really thought I should get one. I had gotten the flu vaccination shot (TIV) the first four years I had fibromyalgia and never had any problems, so I figured I should [...]

Tips & Tools for Cleaning & Homekeeping

For most people with fibromyalgia, cleaning and homekeeping are big chores. They are tasks that need to be completed, but often times cause pain and/or fatigue. In this post I will share some of the tools that help me accomplish these chores easier. Besides using tools, pacing myself helps greatly. Opposed to cleaning the entire [...]

Fibro Feelings – A Nice Fall Day

What is Fibro Feelings? Last Saturday The Helpful Hubby and I spent a wonderful fall day together. We started off our day watching our college football game with our alumni group. It is always fun to together with a group of fans, all wearing school colors, cheering a team along. Eating bar food and caffeinated [...]

Creating Fibromyalgia Subgroups

In the newest Fibromyalgia AWARE edition, Volume 23, Dana Herrera wrote an article entitled “Comparing Apples and… Apples, Creating FM Subgroups.” I was excited to read more about this topic, as I am anxious to see how it will help us create treatment plans in the future. The article discussed how individuals with fibromyalgia often [...]