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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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The Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship that you have with your doctor may be one of the most important relationships you have, when you’re living with chronic illness. Your doctor is your go-to-person for all mysterious or even embarrassing health concerns you may have. Having one that you are confident in and comfortable with alleviates a great deal of [...]

Managing Pain by Decreasing Stress

Guest post by Dr. Ramoun D. Jones, MD Fibromyalgia affects nearly 2% of the entire U.S. population, roughly 6 million people, the majority of those affected being women. Arizona pain doctors, like myself, spend countless hours treating mothers, sisters, wives and daughters who have lived with this condition for the better part of their lives, [...]

Fibro Feelings – Sunny Day

What is Fibro Feelings? Last week I talked about snow and this week I’m going to start off talking about sun! Today we were graced by the warmth of the sun for most of the day. It gave me the extra oomph I needed to do some clean-up gardening. Many of my plants were confused [...]

Eye Opening Revelation

I recently had an eye-opening revelation in regards to support from family and friends. I realized that there are quite a few situations in life that you can’t fully understand unless you have gone through them yourself. This can create a disconnect between what kind and how much support someone having a hard time needs and [...]