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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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Fibro Feelings – Sights & Scents of Spring

What is Fibro Feelings?

I can’t believe spring is just one week away. Caring for an infant really made my winter fly by. I had planted some bulb flowers later in the season last fall and I’m happy to see that it looks like all the bulbs did well and are beginning to sprout and bloom! They were my first ever bulb plants and I’m looking forward to seeing them year after year without having to do any new planting. Perennials truly are a fibromyalgia gardener’s friend. The Helpful Hubby watched The Boisterous Boy while I popped out to do some long overdue pruning to some of my perennials this weekend. I was lucky enough to even have some sunshine while I was doing it and afterwards didn’t get too sore.

Ever since the end of the pregnancy I’ve been taking more bath soaks to loosen my muscles. I ran out of my bath salts and really wanted to find one that had Epsom salts and natural fragrance, but skipped any artificial scents. I hadn’t found anything pure at Target or easily on Amazon so I looked at Whole Foods and found some by Soothing Touch! I got their peppermint rosemary bath salts and the wonderful scent carries through multiple rooms of the house when I use it with the bathroom door open. Talking about it makes me wish I could go take a soak right now!

Usually I make a big meal and invite friends over for Easter, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that this year, with the baby. He’s way too young for any sort of Easter egg hunting this year, but next year he should be a great age for it! This year I will just be lucky to have put my winter decorations away and have put up some spring ones. Having a storage ottoman has made switching out some of my decorations much easier. Prior to keeping those items in a storage ottoman I used to have to get a step ladder to reach a shelf in the closet for the table cloths and re-stack and dig through my decoration tubs for hand towels. Being able to switch out those to household items helps me feel like I’m at least moving in the right direction. Even if you don’t keep decorative items in your storage ottoman, I’d highly suggest getting one. They’re so easy to use compared to closets!

Are you gearing up for spring?


It won’t be long before I’ll have a bloom this big!*

*Image Credit: from by robynejay

Fibro Feelings – One Handed

What is Fibro Feelings?

Seeing as it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a post up I figured I’d try to type one, one-handed. The Boisterous Boy is swaddled and in my other arm. The sciatica on the side of my body that was still hurting after delivery has started feeling better over this past week. Although my wrists were feeling better the day after delivery, they have been more irritated now from the support I provide the baby while breast feeding for so many hours a day. My back has been feeling a lot better than at the end of my pregnancy, but it does get sore from various baby tasks. Using a Moby wrap to carry around The Boisterous Boy gives my wrists a break, but is hard on my back. So, I’m still finding my sweet spot for feeling better in most places, but haven’t had any horrid pain since delivery!

The lack of sleep due to an awake or feeding baby has been tough, but my fibromyalgia was training me for this all along. I’m used to only getting three hour blocks of sleep at a time and then waking up for a bit, all throughout the night. The difference now is that when I’m waking up every three hours I then have to stay awake and do something (feed The Boisterous Boy) for an hour before going back to sleep. The first couple days were the hardest, but it feels easier on most days and nights now.

The Boisterous Boy has been sleeping in our room for now so we’ve been playing soothing nature sounds in the background. It’s been years since I slept with any music or noise playing through the night and now I remember why I did it. I’m such a light sleeper that noises outside easily wake me up on a nightly basis. The sounds of summer rain or an ocean beach block out the pesky noises of traffic, construction, etc… I’m going to stick with this for awhile!

Do you sleep with nature sounds or white noise?


I love the sound of waves*

*Image Credit: from by Mr.Thomas

Introducing The Boisterous Boy!

It’s 9 months later and here I am announcing that my little one, The Boisterous Boy, has arrived! I was able to deliver him with a natural labor and birth and we’re both doing well. Of course, The Helpful Hubby has been instrumental in making sure we’re both doing well.

I was able to get soy-free meals at the hospital, but I can’t say that I ate much of it. The snacks I’d brought with me seemed more appealing. We accidentally left a fridge full of our snacks in my hospital room, but by the time I realized it housekeeping had already cleaned out the room. Now that we’re home from the hospital, The Helpful Hubby and I are spending most of our days breast feeding with some time to make sure we eat, shower and catch some sleep when we can.

Some nice side effects of no longer being pregnant are that one side of my sciatica pain was gone immediately afterward and my wrists are feeling much better! It only took a few days for the swelling I’d constantly had, especially over the past four months, to dwindle away. After that swelling went down my wrists were MUCH happier. It’s funny because I feel like my calves are nice and thin now – something I never thought I’d think about. Now I can finally wear my winter boots again.

Please forgive me if I’m not able to post my regular two posts each week during this period where I’m getting used to this whole parenting thing. As always, feel free to pass along any advice you’ve got for me.

Has your new year started off well?

baby foot

*Teeny tiny baby feet!

*Image Credit: from by treehouse1977

Top Ten Posts of 2012

To count down to the new year, I’ve created a list of our top ten posts of the year! These posts were picked by number of times they were viewed. While I’ve been tweeting the countdown daily, here is a compiled list. Enjoy!

#10: Important Pain Discovery Info on research about the creation and storing of pain memories – a major part of chronic pain.

#9: April is IBS Awareness Month! Stats about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and resources to learn more and get involved.

#8: Tips & Tools for Sleeping Well – Part IV Checking for silent acid reflux as well as bedding and pillow recommendations.

#7: National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day History Why May 12th was chosen and the organizations that got the ball rolling.

#6: Walk to CURE FM Ways to get involved in the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association’s Campaign for Understanding, Research, and Education of FM (CURE).

#5: Where to Live with Fibromyalgia The pros and cons of living in the country, the city and the suburbs.

#4: Medicines for Fibromyalgia – Part II Additions to Medicines for Fibromyalgia – Part I, including which fibromyalgia medicines can also help IBS and RLS and medicines still under investigation.

#3: Ally’s Law or The Restroom Access Act Information about this state law that guarantees restroom rights to people with medical needs. Video interview included.

#2: Pain Rating Scales How living with chronic pain can skew the way we rate our pain and how the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale can help.

and THE #1 most popular post of 2012 is:

Fibromyalgia Segment on Dr. Oz The highlights and flaws of what was covered by Dr. Oz, Dr. Phillips and the audience.

A big thank you to all my 2012 followers! I love reading your comments and connecting with you. Which is your favorite post of the year?


A New Year’s Eve celebration in Seattle*

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*Image Credit: from by Don Nunn