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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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Our weather wasn’t the best for trick-or-treating this year and I’m hoping that is why we had a lot less visitors to our house this year. I ended up with way too much candy left over and too many glow bracelets too. Since I buy cheap glow bracelets from the $1 bin at Target they don’t always last another year. Maybe I should just start wearing them for fun? hehe. I watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as I like to do every year. I typically don’t like re-watching movies or TV shows, but the Peanuts holiday shows are classics that I love.

Last weekend was the time daylight savings ended for most of us in the U.S. and I always look forward to that extra hour of sleep. I’d had a bad night of insomnia the night before, so it was perfect timing. I was so proud of myself for setting my alarm clock back before I went to bed, but I accidentally set it an hour ahead instead of an hour back. When I woke up the next morning I thought I’d REALLY slept in! I was happy to find out it was really two hours earlier than my clock said. I’ve since moved all my clocks back and enjoyed waking up a little earlier each day.

My body is doing this odd thing where I (and The Helpful Hubby) have been staying up extra late though and then waking up a little earlier. I’m sure that is slowly going to fade back to normal and I just hope it does before my body crashes from it. You may be thinking that there is an easy solution to that – just going to bed earlier. For some reason my body just will not go to bed earlier than when I normally feel tired and go to bed. If I try I just end up laying there for hours until the normal time I would have gone to bed.

One last note – it is election day in the U.S. so please remember to cast your ballot if you’ve over 18! I try not to get too political on my site, but voting is an amazing privilege that we shouldn’t take for granted.

How was your Halloween or time change?


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Comment from Elaine
Time November 7, 2012 at 8:41 am

I really do not like the time change. It gets dark early so my body says time to go to bed, then I wake up so early. I will adjust ( I hope) in a few more days


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