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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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Fibro Feelings – Getting more Zzzs

What is Fibro Feelings?

I recently figured out something that helps me sleep – Benedryl (Diphenhydramine). I know this isn’t an uncommon idea, but the strange thing is that I’ve always said that Benedryl doesn’t make me tired at all. When I take one dose during the day I never get that drowsy feeling that others report. So I was shocked when I took Tylenol PM (Diphenhydramine and Acetaminophen) and it helped. I didn’t want to be taking Acetaminophen all the time, so I went and got plain Diphenhydramine. Costco actually sells a big bottle of it for super cheap.

The Diphenhydramine doesn’t help me fall asleep any faster (it takes me ~1 hour still), but once I fall asleep I seem to wake up only two or so times throughout the night, opposed to ten. There is one caveat though – I can’t take it every night. I tried that last week and after feeling “off” and clumsy for days The Helpful Hubby connected the dots and realized it was because I’d started taking the Diphenhydramine every night. I’m testing a new schedule now – take two (one full dose) one night, take one the next night, repeat. I’m hoping this will prevent the constant buildup that taking two a night was creating. I’m sharing all this with my rheumatologist at my appointment later today.

Luckily, The Helpful Hubby figured it out a couple days before Easter, so it gave me time to adjust. After going to church we made a meal for just the two of us. I couldn’t get the deviled eggs to turn out as tangy as I like them due to not being able to use miracle whip due to it containing soy. I used a canola oil mayonnaise, the only mayonnaise I’ve found that is soy-free. Let me know if you have any bright ideas! I did find organic, soy0free natural jelly beans at Whole Foods.

How was your holiday weekend?


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