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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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Fibro Feelings – Catching Up

What is Fibro Feelings?

This week has been exciting for me in the fact that I’m finally almost over my cold! This is the first week I’ve felt normal mentally and had very little obvious cold symptoms. My throat is still a tiny bit sore and I cough every now and then, but I’m almost done! I’ve gotten back into cooking most of our dinners, although I forgot to take pictures so that I could share my easy gazpacho with you all, for the third time! haha. I’ve also been catching up on all the things I’d been ignoring while sick, like working on sponsorship, donations and fundraising for the Arthritis Walk.

I finally was able to do some gardening/winter clean up in our yard. I’ve been itching to do that since November-December, but couldn’t because of my bursitis. I can still feel some pain from the it though, so I used a little Travelchair aluminum table as a seat during most of my work to prevent bending and squatting as much. It is actually a camping table, but since it can hold up to 250 lbs we bought it as a light weight seat to have for outdoorsy stuff. I must say it is better used as a seat when you’re not moving all about since it got a little fidgety. The Helpful Hubby came out to help me with the hardest jobs that I usually don’t ask for help with. For me, this includes taming this monstrous 7 ft. plant we have and spraying weeds on the sides of the house (lots of bending).

I was feeling good enough that I even made it out to meet some friends for happy hour one night. While I was sick I watched a lot of the old Office (US) episodes, starting from the beginning. I didn’t realize how many comedians that are fairly big now where in that show, years ago. It is also interesting to see how much the people have changed over the years. I hadn’t started watching the show until a few seasons in.

How did your body handle springing forward with the time change?

coil spring

The nice thing about being sick was that the day after springing forward I felt similarly bad as the weeks before!*

*Image Credit: from by quinn.anya

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