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I’m a married 31 year-old who has been diagnosed with fibromylagia for 12 years. I am on a quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive. Read more
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I made it through the party and most of the cleanup! Although somehow I managed to get a high ankle sprain during the party without even realizing it. Hehe! My feet were already killing me, so I was trying to ignore the pain below, but the next day I realized my ankle was also hurting. The Helpful Hubby found a nice bruise at the sprain…and he poked it! Ouch!

During our parties my body usually hits a wall physically, even though mentally and emotionally I want to keep on having fun. With most things in life I would rest when my body tells me this. Our parties are a special event though and it is important to me, to my soul. I love being able to host our friends, all together, for one night a year. Most of our guests left a little after midnight, but some where here much later. I asked The Helpful Hubby if he could tell when I hit my wall at the party. He said he couldn’t tell by the way I was acting, but he could definitely tell from my body posture. I love that he knows me so well! I was super surprised at Squeaky’s behavior during the party. Usually he runs away if more than a couple people are over, but he hung out with us for over half the evening!

I’ve been taking the past few days to rest and clean up at a slow pace. So far I’ve run the dishwasher four times and washed many sinkfuls of dishes. I’ve got our table and tablecloths back to normal, but there are still sinkfuls more of dishes to do, clean dishes to put away and snacks to go back in cabinets. I’m totally fine with my pace and don’t let it stress me at all. I stick with my normal rule of only washing 1 dish drying rack of dishes at a time and letting them air dry before I wash more. Things’ll get done when they get done! In between cleaning some things today I actually took quite a bit of time to contact possible sponsors, donors and corporate teams for the Arthritis Foundation Arthritis Walk that I’m on the committee for.

What activities are so deeply important to you that you ignore when your body tells you to stop?

crystal glasses

Some of my crystal glasses, patiently drying!


Comment from pam
Time February 10, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Glad you made it thru. There is not a whole lot that I push my body thru unless maybe it is a trip. And my pain dr appointments. Gotta do that. I have a really easy life. Hubs and I make sure it stays that way.

Your party must have been good since Squeaky stuck around a while.



Felicia Fibro Reply:

Oh trips – that is a good one. I push through more on trips too – so many lifetime memories are made during trips! You bring up an excellent point, keeping a balanced life makes it easier to push through when we really want/need to!


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